PIA Service BV - Driven by industrial automation

PIA Service BV is a company dedicated to processing and industrial automation. Thanks to a  flexible combination of practical knowledge and the application of modern automation technologies we can guarantee a very distinct range of services. Our work focuses itself mainly on providing a solid foundation. By implementing well-thought out controls and software, we can build a reliable and workable installation for you.

When you enlist PIA Service BV to work on industrial automation projects you can count on our full involvement. We manage projects from start to completion and of course also take the long term into account. For service and maintenance you have also come to the right address.


Industrial Automation Services

PIA Services BV is active in among others industries where conveyor belts, packaging machines, filling machines, palletize and depalletizer machines, storage tank, pasteurisation systems, weighing systems, dosing systems are used. Both in the food and non-food sector.

Of course we offer a complete range of services for these production methods, think of engineering, panel construction, control panels, software or commissioning. Questions? Please contact us!